KlavisQuadigy Quad Envelope


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Klavis Quadigy

The Klavis Quadigy is a quad seven-stage envelope designed with live playing in mind. There are two main modes, one with full control available intended for studio use and a Live mode where the settings that make the most sense in a live environment are present. The seven envelope stages are pre-delay, hold, attack, punch, decay, sustain, and release. A global time control edits the total range of values for all the controls from zero to 800% of the time. At 100% the max time is 30 seconds, so 800% is an envelope that lasts several minutes for ultimate evolving drone envelopes.

The shape of each of the stages of the envelope can be changed between logarithmic, linear, and exponential shapes . The envelopes can be edited either individually, in groups, or all together. The four trigger/gate inputs can be normalled together for up to four envelopes from one input.

A user knob and CV A and B inputs can be assigned to multiple destinations via a built-in modulation matrix. Each of these modulation sources can be assigned to multiple destinations. There are 156 destinations available from the CV matrix.

The Quadigy features a cycle control that can be triggered externally or internally. The cycling envelope can be quantized to an external clock or one of the five different internal tap-tempo clocks. Clocks can be multiplied, divided, or offset. Up to 32 user presets can be saved, named, and recalled with manually or via external CV/trigger.

Quadigy Features

  • Quad seven-stage envelope
  • Live or studio modes
  • Graphical display
  • Up to 32 presets that can be recalled via CV or trigger
  • Two external CV inputs
  • Internal CV matrix with 156 destinations
  • Internal or external clocked modes that can be divided, multiplied, or offset
  • Continuous curve shape editing
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 21mm
  • Current draw: 24mA @ +12v, 10mA @ -12v, 40mA @ +5v
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