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Klavis Mixwitch

Klavis has introduced the Mixwitch, a multifaceted voltage processor that can function as a mixer, inverter, signal selector, sequential switch, sequencer, and more.

Comprised of twi 2-to-1 mixers normalized into a 4-to-1 configuration, the mixwitch offers phase inversion for each input, switchable mute for each input pair, and switchable logarithmic pot scaling, making it well suited for audio and CV-related mixing purposes. The real fun, though, is in the switcher, which enables trigger or CV-controlled switching between all four or only two of the inputs, making it possible to use the Mixwitch as a combination mixer/sequential switch. Because each input is normalized to a voltage offset, that means that with no signals patched in, the switching functions enable use as a 4-stage sequencer!

Mixwitch Features

  • Multifunction voltage processor for Eurorack systems
  • Two 2-to-1 mixers or one 4-to-1 mixer
  • Linear or logarithmic curve for scaling each input
  • Switchable mute per channel pair
  • Inversion on each input
  • Voltage offsets normalized to each input
  • Switch functions controllable by trigger or CV
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current Draw: 39mA @ +12V, 24mA @ -12V
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