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KlavisFlexshaper Tracking Generator + Waveshaper


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Klavis Flexshaper

The Flexshaper from Klavis is a multi-band waveshaper, capable of adding complex shaping to CV or audio signals. It is a transfer function inspired by the modulation section from the Oberheim Matrix series synths, specifically the tracking generator, which is virtually inserted in the modulation path. The tracking generator is used to control the shape of a modulation source, adding new dimension to the modulation.

The Flexshaper is updated to work in a Eurorack environment, with the ability to process audio rate signals and adds five CV inputs to adjust the voltage bands. The module features an input that accepts audio or control voltage signals, which can be either bipolar or unipolar, selected by a button. The input path includes a gain control that can be used to clip the input signal for another flavor of waveshaping. The incoming signal is divided into four bands defined by five points. Ceiling (the highest voltage level), mid-up, halfway, mid-down, and floor (the lowest voltage level). Unlike a traditional wavefolder, which folds a waveform over when it crosses a set threshold, the Flexshaper sets multiple points where the waveshaping and folding occurs. Each of the bands can be controlled manually or via CV.

The controls each have a dot on the panel and with all the controls at the corresponding dots, the input signal will pass unaffected. Adjusting the controls away from these dots will add waveshaping at the defined voltage points, folding and morphing the incoming signal. The Flexshaper can be used for everything from turning a triangle wave to a sine wave to half-wave rectifying and adding complex break points and shaping to an envelope.

Flexshaper Features

  • Voltage mapper and waveshaper
  • Divides input signals into five controllable voltage points
  • Can be used with audio, sub-audio, and control voltage signal
  • Accepts unipolar and bipolar signals and has simultaneous unipolar and bipolar outputs
  • CV control over the five bands
  • Input gain with clipping and LED indication
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 21mm
  • Current draw: 6mA @ +12V, 7mA @ -12V, 32mA @ +5v
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