Release Date: 11/17/2017
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Kicking Giant - Halo

Catalog Number: LP-DR-00015
Format: 2LP Download Card Included


  • A1. Satellite
  • A2. Wierd
  • A3. Three
  • A4. Throw
  • A5. Five
  • A6. The Way That You Are
  • B1. Cry Baby Cry
  • B2. Ruby Red
  • B3. Rocket
  • B4. Go Girl (Riot)
  • B5. Rachel's Song
  • C1. Fuck The Rules
  • C2. This Sex
  • C3. If Not You
  • C4. Halo
  • D1. Hi
  • D2. Rocket Dreams
  • D3. Stereo Hi Fi
  • D4. Love Science
  • D5. Come In Colors
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