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Lorre-Mill Keyed Mosstone Touchplate Synthesizer

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Lorre Mill Keyed Mosstone

With its Moss Oscillator, multifunction envelope, random voltages, and playfully inviting banana patch points and touchplate keyboard, the Keyed Mosstone is all about exploring new sound through physical interaction and game-like play. Keyed Mosstone is an inspiring and quirky standalone synthesizer from Lorre Mill.

The Keyed Mosstone's primary sound source is the Moss Oscillator: a triangle oscillator with variable noise amount, then fed into a dedicated Lockhart wavefolder. A two-stage envelope generator can either be looped or triggered via the keyboard, allowing for multiple styles of interactive play. The keyboard itself has a deceptively simple design for the power it contains: it acts not only as a tunable pitch controller, but also allows touch access to random voltage routing and envelope loop state, acting like a momentary tactile patch matrix.

And of course, the Keyed Mosstone is fully patchable, with linear and exponential FM and CV inputs for most parameters. Just add some banana cables and get patching!

Keyed Mosstone Features

  • Patchable and playable analog semimodular synthesizer
  • Touchplate keyboard for pitch control and momentary patch control!
  • Moss Oscillator is a triangle osc with mixable noise, which then passes into a saturated OTA and Lockhart wavefolder
  • Linear and exponential pitch inputs
  • Direct triangle and noise outputs available
  • Rise/fall envelope with sustain mode
  • CV and dedicated potentiometers for Rise and Fall
  • Direct outputs for envelope, end of function gate, rise gate, and fall gate
  • Keyboard produces eight tunable pitches (reconfigurable via front panel trip pots)
  • Left and right rectangle pads access envelope loop function and S&H/T&H functions, respectively
  • Dedicated gate output for bottom bar
  • Compatible with control from external keyboards/sequencers!
  • Power specs: 12VDC center positive 500mA, 2.1 x 5.5mm PSU (included)
  • Audio output: 3.5mm stereo line level jack
  • Patch cables: standard 4mm banana (not included)
Product Demo Videos
Keyed Mosstone Touch Synthesizer
The Keyed Mosstone from Lorre-Mill has multiple touch plates, including three round plates that can be used in different combinations to play eight different notes, and these notes are tunable. The sound is generated by a triangle wave oscillator and noise source that run through a wave-shaper. The Keyed Mosstone is run through the Ekdahl Moisturizer for a little bit of spring reverb.
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