Keith McMillenK-Board Pro 4 MPE Keyboard Controller

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Keith McMillen K-Board Pro 4

The illustrious inventors at Keith McMillen have returned with the newest addition in their path to ultimate electronic expression—introducing the K-Board Pro 4. The K-Board Pro 4 is a four-octave MIDI keyboard whose mission is to elevate the expressiveness possible in a classic MIDI keyboard controller.

The K-Board Pro is MPE-compatible, which allows the controller to send velocity for both the attack and release of your key playing as well as continuous key pressure and vertical / horizontal finger position information...and what's more, it sends this data independently for every key. The K-Board Pro 4 also comes replete with the Keith McMillen's Smart Sensor Fabric, with silicone keys that allow for the ultimate comfort while you're playing. Above the keys are four seperate touch strips that offer even more maneuverability. They can produce messages ranging from pitch bend, octave select, X-axis depth, and much more! This controller is perfect for the artist who's comfortable on keys and is often disappointed by the expressive limitations of some other keyboard controllers.

K-Board Pro 4 Features

  • 48 Keys
  • MPE compatibile
  • Velocity for Attack, and Release
  • Sensors for horizontal and vertical key position
  • Continuous key pressure
  • Indpendent expressive control for every key
  • 48 Keys
  • Mini USB connectivity
  • Bus Powered
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