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KeeleyTone Workstation Comp + Overdrive

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Keeley Tone Workstation

The Keeley Electronics Tone Workstation gives any signal chain’s front end the attention it deserves! This is a crucial portion of the signal chain, as it is where the overall tone stems from. Addressing this, the Tone Workstation aims to be any player’s tonal Graceland.

The pedal’s signal chain starts with a Keeley Compressor, which is an excellent initiatory point for the construction of a durable sustain, giving notes some extra room to ring out even longer. From here, the pedal’s Blend control imparts a Manhattan-style compression, resulting in an animated and inherently crisp blend between wet and dry signals. Treble can be increased via the Treble Boost switch, which is ideal for highly compressed signals.

If all that wasn’t enough, the Tone Workstation features an integrated 1962 Katana Boost section, which affords even more tonal sculpting options. Here, users can select sounds with just the right amount of breakup. Conversely, the pedal can be operated in Boost Mode for a cleaner, amplifier-esque overdrive. These two modes can be soloed or combined at the flick of a switch to alternate between a gritty, crunchy tone and tube-esque saturation.

The Tone Workstation’s final component is sourced from Keeley’s Red Dirt overdrive. It integrates over fifteen years of tube screamers into a single toneful circuit. This section features an ideal amount of midrange alongside the option of alternating between a clean tone and excessively saturated gain.

Tone Workstation Features

  • 3 effects that can be switched on and off
  • Vintage compressor with blend and sustain
  • Treble boost
  • 1962 Overdrive/Katana clean boost section
  • Red Dirt Overdrive on the output with two gain modes
  • Dimensions: 4.7 inches wide x 3.72 inches tall
  • Power Supply: standard 9V negative tip
  • Current Draw: 20-50mA
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