KeeleyDynatrem Dynamic Tremolo Pedal


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Keeley Dynatrem Dynamic Tremolo Pedal

As its name attests, the Dynatrem is a dynamic tremolo and reverb pedal that serves as an entirely new approach to tremolo. .The folks at Keeley Electronics have taken all precautions to ensure that the Dynatrem responds amicably to the input signal and idiosyncrasies of the player’s style. The latter governs the pedal’s Rate and Depth parameters, with harder playing yielding a more emphatic response and softer playing enforcing just the opposite. Further, users can dial in the precise amount of sensitivity to match their playing style using the Rate and Depth controls.

Delving past the surface features, the Dynatrem features three distinct modes of operation: Dynamic Rate Mode, Dynamic Depth Mode, and Harmonic Tremolo/Reverb Mode. The first mode, Dynamic Rate, associates the Rate parameter with the player’s expressiveness: harder playing yields faster modulations while softer playing can practically stop the tremolo in its tracks. Similarly, Dynamic Depth Mode associates the player’s expressivity with the Depth control: subtle playing results in understated pulses while harder playing provokes emphatic thumping. Finally, Harmonic Tremolo/Reverb Mode initiates a phaser-esque sound that is as soulful as it is sweet!

Dynatrem Features

  • Integrated noise reduction – developed with the code to reduce noise swells common with tremolo circuit, users get the quietest effect possible.
  • Level Output Volume Control – Can be set for a boost for stand out effect
  • Tremolo Rate Control
  • Tremolo Waveform Shape Control (Reverb amount when in Tremolo + Reverb Mode)
  • Tremolo Depth Amount Control
  • 3 Modes of Operation – Dynamic Rate Mode, Dynamic Depth Mode, Harmonic Tremolo + Reverb Mode (Selectable by front facing Switch)
  • LED Indication
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Keeley Quality Engineering
  • 100% Made in Edmond, OK, USA
  • True Bypass
  • Width (Not Counting Jacks) – 2.35″
  • Height (Not Counting Jacks) – 4.41″
  • Standard 9V DC (center-negative) connection
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