JouéScaler Module for Joué Board

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Joué Scaler

The Scaler is one of the most expressive and peculiar modules for the Joué board MIDI controller, providing seventeen keys, a ribbon controller, and a bubble-style controller for extended multidimensional sound control. Each key offers velocity, vibrato, aftertouch, and Y-axis position data, while the ribbon and bubble controls produce even more configurable control. The keys can be set to a number of scales, and are excellent sources of tonal and continuous control.

Scaler Features

  • 17-key configurable control surface for Joué MIDI controller
  • Each key responds to vibrato, aftertouch, velocity, and Y position
  • Multiple pre-set scales available
  • Dedicated octave shift buttons
  • Two configurable buttons
  • One Bubble-style multidimensional data source
  • One long ribbon sensor for precise expressive control
  • Three-slot module for Joué controller
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