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Joué Fretboard Module for Joué Board

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Joué Fretboard

The Fretboard module for the Joué board allows for guitar-style expressive control of virtual instruments. Each string can be tuned individually, allowing easy configuration for custom tunings and more. Moreover, vibrato and bend are easily possible, turning the Joué board into an ideal control surface for guitarists, bassists, and other string instrumentalists.

The Fretboard module also provides two assignable buttons and dedicated octave up/octave down buttons for extending the module's range and behaviors.

Fretboard Features

  • Fretboard-style module for Joué MIDI controller
  • 9-fret, 6-string layout
  • Strings may be tuned individually or as a group
  • Capable of vibrato and bends
  • Dedicated octave shift buttons and two configurable buttons
  • Ideal for guitar-style expressive virtual instrument control
  • Two-slot module for Joué controller
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