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Joué Essential Board + Modules Pack

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Joué Essential

The Joué essential bundle includes the Joué board and five of their most powerful modules—an excellent way to break into the world of expressive, multidimensional MIDI control. This bundle includes the Joué board itself, as well as the Fretboard, Scaler, Pads (Blue), Area, and Strips modules.

This bundle provides plenty of angles from which to approach any musical application: the Pads, Fretboard, and Scaler modules provide different means of producing hyper-expressive note events, while the Area and Strips modules are excellent sources of continuous control messages. This package acts as a reminder of just how flexible and expressive MIDI can be when well-implemented. Use it to control a DAW, virtual instruments, and other devices—Joué is an intensely personal MIDI controller experience, both in terms of customization and expressivity.

Essential Features

  • Bundle of Joué board and five of the most popular Joué controller modules
  • Area module for XYZ expressive control
  • Pads module for drum kit control, event triggering, and more
  • Strips touch faders for dynamic CC control
  • Fretboard module for guitar-like control of virtual instruments
  • Scaler multidimensional keyboard module for expressive instrument control
  • Joué board
  • Scaler module
  • Fretboard module
  • Pads module
  • Area module
  • Strips module
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