JouéBoard Modular MIDI Controller


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Joué Board

The Joué board is the basis of a modular MIDI controller platform: a hyper-sensitive polyphonic touch sensor to which modules may be added to create the expressive, responsive MIDI controller best suited to your musical needs. With three module "slots" available on its surface, the Joué board allows users to choose from an assortment of soft, silicone overlays to instantly re-define the device's behavior: it could be a keyboard, a pad controller, a bank of sliders, and much more at a moment's notice.

The Joué board itself contains RFID sensors in each of its three module slots, allowing contactless detection of which module is currently overlaid. The board instantly changes its behavior to suit whichever control module is attached. The available module range from pad controllers, slider interfaces, keyboards both traditional and non-traditional, a fretboard-style controller, and beyond. Just add the desire modules and Joué becomes the MIDI controller you need it to be: an aftertouch-laden pad controller, an MPE keyboard, an XYZ control surface, and more. Taking full advantage of MIDI's most advanced features, the Joué board can work for any application. Polyphonic aftertouch, poly pitch bend, and more await.

Board Features

  • Modular MIDI controller platform
  • Based on a series of "module" overlays and a super-sensitive polyphonic pressure sensor
  • Offers three "slots" for accommodating Joué modules
  • Embedded RFID readers identify which modules are attached, and the Board seamlessly changes behavior based on current modules
  • Modules respond to horizontal, vertical, and pressure movement
  • Several modules for many musical applications
  • USB port for MIDI connection
  • Class-compliant and MPE-compatible
  • Dimensions: 130 x 360 x 16mm/5.1 x 14.1 x .6"
  • Weight: TBD
  • Includes USB cable
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