JoranalogueBias 2 Precision Scaler + Offsetter


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Joranalogue Bias 2

Joranalogue's Bias 2 is a 2hp module that allows for easy conversion between the three most common voltage ranges found in Eurorack, 0v–5v, 0v–10v, and -5v–+5v. To accomplish this, Bias 2 has a top section that takes a CV source and adds +5v with an independent ÷2, perfect for turning a +/- 5v signal to a +10v and a +5v signal. The bottom section has a -5v normalization with a x2 gain output, perfect for making a bipolar signal out of a unipolar one. Aside from CV signals, you can also use this as a nice unity mixer that offers +/- 6dB of gain. Bias 2 might just be the most helpful 2hp module out there.

Bias 2 Features

  • Analog dual scaler/offsetter
  • Converts voltages between the 3 most common Eurorack voltages
  • Top section has a +5v normal and ÷2 attenuation output
  • Bottom section a −5v normal and x2 gain output
  • Each section can add or average signals
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 2hp
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Current draw: 20 mA @ +12v, 20 mA @ −12v
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