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Jomox Alpha Base Drum Machine

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Jomox Alpha Base

The Jomox Alpha Base is essentially a drum machine containing most of Jomox’s products. The unit was designed with simplicity in mind, and as such provides a quick and efficient workflow that most users should quickly understand. Internally, the Alpha Base consists of eleven drum synthesis instruments, affording a broad and effective sonic palette. As Jomox themselves state, this is the most versatile drum machine in their arsenal. 

Alpha Base Features

  • 11 Instruments: Kick, MBrane, Hat, Clap, Rim Shot, Crash, Ride, XSample1 XSample2, FM synth
  • Real analog Jomox kick drum
  • Real analog Jomox MBrane voice
  • 2 coupleable F-OSC for complex analog snare, percussion, bass and tom sounds ranging from 16Hz to 20kHz
  • 2 sample based instruments with analog VCA ADSR envelope and/or HH filter
  • 4 sample based instruments with analog VCA ADSR envelope and/or resonating multimode filter
  • 2 sample based instruments with external sampling input and pure digital playback.
  • 1 FM synth with 4 operators and max. 6 voices for percussive sounds.
  • Effects delay, reverb with send per instrument
  • LFOs: per instrument one LFO (MBrane 2 LFOs) with 64 wave forms
  • 250 samples 16 Bit/48kHz in internal flash memory.
  • SD card slot for loading of samples.
  • USB (Midi Device)
  • Midi In, Midi Out, Midi Thru
  • DIN sync out 2x integrated in the jacks Midi Out or Midi Thru
  • Inputs: stereo in for sampling, FX or sidechain
  • Both inputs are Hi-Z and suitable for guitar/bass
  • Outputs: 8 individual balanced outputs, stereo mix balanced, headphones
  • Output Level: max. ca.+14dBu unbalanced, +20dBu balanced on all outputs
  • 12V 2A DC external power supply
  • Size: 41cm (16.1") x 24cm (9.5") x 8cm (3.2") (back side)
  • Weight: ca. 3.3kg (7.26 lbs)
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