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Jolin LabTABØR Rhythmic Avalanche Oscillator (Mirror Panel)

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Jolin Lab TABØR

TABØR from Jolin Lab is a unique sound and modulation source based on the unstable behavior of four constantly oscillating avalanche transistors. Designed in the tradition of some of the most iconic sonic troublemakers, such as Hordjik's Benjolin and Blippoo Box, TABØR transcends the idea of a stable 1V/Oct-controlled oscillator in favor of chaotic sonic mayhem that is sure to surprise you every time you use it. While its spectrum is quite wide, and the module can certainly be utilized for more conventional melody-making, TABØR particularly excels at mutating rhythmic textures at audio rate, and similarly captivating patterns of irregular pulses at control rates—perfect for generative non-linear sequencing.

The complex behavior of the module is in large part due to the deeply intertwined nature of the four oscillators. As such, even a minor change to the parameters of one causes a chain reaction, and significantly alters the output. For a clearer understanding: oscillator 1 is the main oscillator which directly affects the wavering patterns of oscillator 2, oscillator 3 is in turn influenced by the second oscillator, and can be used to modulate the main oscillator too, while the last one, oscillator 4, is used to interrupt the whole communication. Gladly, this complex behavior is also expressed visually via a mesmerizing LED show in the center of the module: green for OSC1, yellow for OSC2, red for OSC3, and orange for OSC4. Each oscillator can is equipped with a pair of controls: F for pulse frequency, and M for the depth of cross-modulation between the given oscillator, and the others

The sound and control voltage signals are accessible via three outputs: TR putting out triggers and positive squatified CV, NM releases main mixed oscillator signal, and ZZ is sending out a fuzzed out envelope.

With such a unique design and sonic character, TABØR is anything but your average oscillator module. It is not obedient, and definitely quite temperamental creature, but it is always ready to play, and will likely give you more than you could possibly hope for.

TABØR Features

  • Rhythmic avalanche oscillator
  • Design based on the unstable behavior of four continually oscillating avalanche transistors
  • Each oscillator is equipped with a pair of inputs and/or controls for pulse frequency and intermodulation depth
  • RM input for limiting the amount of power supplied to the oscillators
  • TR output for triggers, and CV
  • NM is the main output bearing signal of all oscillators mixed
  • ZZ is an auxiliary fuzzed envelope output
  • Color-coded LED provide a clear visual reference for each oscillator's state at any given moment
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 100mA @ -12V
Jolin Lab TABØR Rhythmic Avalanche Oscillator (Mirror Panel) Reviews