Jolin LabAGOGÔ LPG Mixer (Black Orb Panel)


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Jolin Lab AGOGÔ

With eight cascading channels of true analog, vactrol-based low pass gates, AGOGÔ from Jolin Lab is sure to hit the spot for anyone fascinated with the natural and acoustic-like behavior of LPGs. Each channel's inputs and outputs are normalled to the next, which makes AGOGÔ usable not only as a set of individual low pass gates, but also as a mixer or a multiplier. Moreover, with all of its channels being fully DC-coupled, the module is perfectly suited to work with both audio rate and control voltage signals. It also has to be noted that Jolin Lab equipped the four pairs of LPGs in AGOGÔ with two different flavors: the top rows are lighter, while the bottom rows are more piquant.

Finally, if eight channels are still not enough, AGOGÔ is expandable via pin headers on the back of the module, making it possible to construct LPG chains with as many channels as you need. It is often said that one can never have enough VCAs, but who said there is ever enough LPGs? If that statement seems agreeable to you, AGOGÔ is undoubtedly the right choice for your modular system.

AGOGÔ Features

  • Octal analog vactrol-based lowpass gate module
  • Cascading design allows for a variety of routing options, making AGOGÔ usable as a mixer, a multiplier or as a set of eight independent LPG channels
  • Each of the four channel pairs are endowed with two distinct LPG flavors: lighter on top row, and a heavier on the bottom row
  • DC-coupled
  • Expandable design: multiple AGOGÔ modules can be chained together via special headers on the back of the modules
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Current draw: 180mA @ +12V, 100mA @ -12V
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