JMT SynthPHW-16 16 Stage Phaser

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JMT Synth PHW-16 16 Stage Phaser

PHW-16 from JMT is a 16-stage phaser with built in modulation, and two outputs for head-spinning stereo effects. PHW-16 sports two outputs: Out A switchable between 4 and 12 stages, and Out B switchable between 8 and 16 stages. While each output can be listened to individually, the best results are experienced when both outs are used simultaneously. Additionally phaser A can be disengaged, while phaser B has an additional Resonance parameter. The modulation section of the unit consists of a single multi waveform low frequency oscillator implemented for animating the phasing effect in a variety of ways. Moreover, the LFO has a dedicated output for interfacing with the outside world. And for the same reason, the unit is outfitted with two CV inputs, allowing the external modulation signals to either blend with built in LFO for extra complex phase shifting effects. With its unique sonic flavor and open-ended modulation system, PHW-16 is an excellent choice for adding a touch of psychedelia to any sound.

PHW-16 16 Stage Phaser Features

  • 16-stage phaser with a built-in variable waveform LFO
  • Independent outputs can be used for dual mono or stereo effects
  • Output A features 4 and 12 stage phase shifting, and can be disengaged
  • Output B features 8 and 16 stage phase shifting, and an additional control over Resonance parameter
  • Dedicated LFO and Wave CV outs
  • Two CV inputs provide access for external modulation sources to control the phaser
  • Power: 9VDC PSU (Center Negative)—PSU not included
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