Jesse Dean Designs JDDX2R Portable Skratch Fader (Blue)

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Jesse Dean Designs JDDX2R

Jesse Dean Designs’ JDDX2R is a portable scratch fader with a passive design. Perfect for turntable scratching, it features both main and aux audio outs and a resilient 45mm fader.

JDDX2R Features

  • Stereo scratching fader
  • 45mm fader travel
  • Main and Aux ins
  • Stereo out
  • Passive
  • Passive - no power required
  • Custom 45mm no-wear fader
  • Full-size cap by Coolor Caps
Product Demo Videos
Koma Field Kit FX & Field Kit Played With A Giant Wrench
The Koma Field Kit & Field Kit FX are a fun set of tools and effects for electro-acoustic music including contact mic pre-amps, mixers, frequency shifter, delay and spring reverb, voltage controlled radio and a few other handy utilities. We used a circuit bent hard drive from Gieskes, a giant wrench instrument and Jesse Dean scratch fader with the Field Kits.
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