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Intellijel DesignsPalette 62 Case - 4U (Silver)


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Intellijel Designs Palette 62

The Intellijel Palette 62 is a perfect case for anyone looking to build a compact and portable Eurorack modular synth. With a host of built-in utilities and a wonderfully minute footprint, the Palette is sure to find a home on desktops everywhere. This silver version of the Palette brings a classic, clean look to any studio.

The Palette 62 offers 62hp of both 3U and 1U module space, making it easy to build an uncommonly powerful system in a small space. Utilities can live in the 1U row while more substantial modules take their place in the ample 3U space. This case includes two dedicated buffered multiples, as well as jacks to interface with Intellijel's uMIDI 1U and Stereo Line Out 1U modules.

Internal PSU, Meanwell adapter, and a 3.5mm TRS-DIN MIDI adapter are included.

Palette 62 Features

  • Silver 62hp desktop case for 3U and Intellijel 1U modules
  • Two buffered multiples built in
  • Includes MIDI In and TRS Stereo Output jacks (for use with uMIDI 1U and Stereo Out 1U modules)
  • 40W Meanwell adapter and MIDI adapter cable included
  • Dimensions: 1x 1U, 1x 3U, 1x ~0.5U
  • Power: External 40W Meanwell supply included
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