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Intellijel Designs Dixie II VCO

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Intellijel Dixie II

Boasting all of the exemplary features that made the original Dixie a legend, the Dixie II features a triangle core, extremely precise tracking (over 8 octaves), 6 waveform outputs, and a slightly wider HP size for greater ease-of-use. All of this in just 6HP makes the Dixie II a highly capable oscillator, compact modulation source, and a perfect addition to any system.

Dixie II Features

  • Triangle Core (superior for musical fm sounds)
  • Hi Range (VCO): 1hz to 24khz
  • Lo Range (LFO): 0.01hz (100 seconds) to 240hz
  • Precise pitch tracking within 0.1% over 8 octaves
  • 6 waveforms, including: triangle, sine, sawtooth, pulse (with pwm), square (50% duty cycle), and a unique “zigzag” waveform.
  • Reversing sync (which can be made into soft sync with an external vca or attenuator)
  • Jumper on pcb to select center or edge triggered pwm
  • Header on pcb for connecting master voice controller (e.g. control of multiple dixies in a polyphonic configuration)

Eurorack Module

Width: 6 HP

Depth: ~50mm

Power: 42mA @ +12V, 37mA @ -12V

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