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Intellijel Pedal I/O

The Pedal I/O, from Intellijel Designs, is a compact active reamping module that lets users play back recordings through external amplifiers and pedals. This enables synthesists to incorporate a wide range of effects devices into their modular synthesizer setup. On the other hand, the module can be used by guitarists to integrate Eurorack synthesizers into their effects configration.

Pedal I/O Features

  • Low MIX output impedance for driving long cables, lower noise, and minimum interference from outside sources
  • Signals arriving at the Pedal I/O System through the RETURN jack (or from a 7U case’s IN jack if using the Pedal I/O 7U Case Adapter) pass through a Class A triode emulator, allowing for some tube-like overdrive at high gain setting
  • The Pedal I/O is more than just a simple level shifter — it’s also an impedance converter, which provides proper drive and loading for any FX pedals or instruments you connect
  • Separate gain controls on both the SEND and RETURN. This enables you to adjust the level of any audio being sent to the FX pedals as well as any audio coming back into the modular. Not only does this allow you to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio, but by significantly boosting the RETURN level, you can achieve some pleasingly overdriven tones
  • Use the Pedal I/O’s RETURN circuit as a “direct box” for connecting any instrument.
  • The high input impedance of the RETURN circuit allows it to be used as a piezo pickup preamp for acoustic instruments
  • Use Pedal I/O in the studio as an active “re-amping” device to play pre-recorded tracks back through guitar amplifiers or pedals
  • All inputs are protected for minimum RF interference
  • Low MIX output impedance for driving long cables, lower noise, and minimum interference from outside sources.
  • Width: 16 HP
  • Max Depth: 29 mm
  • Current Draw: 10mA@+12V; 10mA@-12V
Product Demo Videos
Intellijel 1U Pedal Interface
The Intellijel 1U Pedal Interface makes it easy to integrate your eurorack system with your effects pedals. It offers inputs and outputs, along with knobs to control send and return levels as well as your wet/dry mix.

The module is made up of two parts, the Interface Control, and Interface IO. The Interface Control module is able to connect directly to the IO jacks on our 7U cases to save your HP!

In this video we used our modules with the following pedals:
Strymon Bigsky, Boss, SD-1 Super Distortion, Elektron Analog Heat, Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy, Moog MF-105M MIDI Murf, and the Proco Rat.
Intellijel Designs Pedal I/O 1U Reviews