Instruments of ThingsMovesense Motion Sensor for 2.4 Sink


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Instruments of Things Movesense

The Instruments of Things Movesense is a motion sensor that connects to the 2.4 Sink module, providing a precise measurement of movements to be interpreted by the 2.4 Sink module. It reads roll, pitch, and yaw angle information from a combination of gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer. The three axes can be assigned to any function, such as a fast motion on the roll axis to trigger a drum sound, yaw axis to open up a filter, and pitch axis control to the speed of a delay—or anything else you can route CV to in your system.

The Movesense motion sensor uses a custom Bluetooth LE transmission protocol that supports floating point numbers and has a standard deviation over 1000 samples of ca. 0.01 degrees. With no client connected, the firmware automatically puts the sensor to sleep, saving battery power. Most remarkably, the Movesense motion sensor is water resistant up to 30m/100ft. A pool and a modular, what a combination.

This sensor allows for incredibly accurate reading of motion and provides gestural control of the 2.4 Sink module.

Movesense Features

  • Motion sensor for 2.4 Sink module
  • Roll, pitch, and yaw angle axes
  • Custom Bluetooth LE transmission
  • Automatic battery saving mode
  • Water resistant up to 30m/100ft
  • Must be used with 2.4Sink
  • Custom sensor for use with Instruments of Things 2.4 Sink module
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