Inigo WilkinsIrreversible Noise


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Inigo Wilkins Irreversible Noise

Irreversible Noise by Inigo Wilkins is an exploration of noise and its context within science, humanities, and the sonic arts. Noise is a fundamental part of our existence and shows up in a multitude of ways. On the scientific side, Wilkins examines noise within information theory, cybernetics, thermodynamics, evolutionary biology, AI, and complexity theory. Noise and randomness can also help inform the realms of political economy and financial systems. He also delves into our ways of hearing noise, auditory cognition, and its applications within both experimental and popular music. Constrained randomness is all around us, and this book helps demystify noise and indeterminacy.

Irreversible Noise Features

  • By Inigo Wilkins
  • Paperback
  • 330 pages
  • 330 pages
  • 4.5 x 7"/114 x 177mm
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