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IndustrialectricSystem-46 PLL Phase-Locked Loop Pedal


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Industrialectric System-46

Add disorder and chaos to your pedalboard with Industrialectric's System-46, a PLL oscillator that has no understanding of the word relax. As In traditional phase-locked loop systems, System-46's analog oscillator locks to the phase of whatever the input signal is, be it guitar, bass, drums, and more. The VCO has two harmonic voice modes to choose from: single or dual, with each having dual amplifiers to control the signal's harmonic voice path. You can determine how closely the VCO is locked to the input signal's phase via the Lock control, from tight and snappy to mad and lackadaisical, and shape the amplitude decay of the oscillator with the Release control.

For increasing tension and shaping your voices, System-46 includes two separate waveshapers as well as a notch-like filter. Expanse controls the cutoff frequency of the notch while Scope widens how far the notch reaches, and Decode determines how much waveshaping is occurring while Radius furthers how the signal is waveshaped. For increased performability, System-46 includes two different light dependent resistors linked to Decode and Expanse, and with the included overhead lamp with engageable switches, you can perform and sweep these two parameters in a soft and easy to understand manner. Additionally, engaging the Pulser switch will put a rudimentary tremolo for basic volume shaping over the entire signal.

Determine how well you want these parameters and your overall System-46 to perform with the System Stability control, ranging from completely intact to utterly rebellious. Even if you don't have a signal's phase to lock to, fret not, for the System-46 can act completely on its own with a berserk VCO when you engage Disconnect. Add the unruly yet performable sound of PLL to your effects with the System-46 from Industrialectric.

System-46 Features

  • Phase-locked synth voice pedal
  • Analog VCO with two harmonic voice modes (single and dual)
  • Dual harmonic voices split and mix between the two channels
  • Two amplifier stages per harmonic voice
  • Two waveshapers, each with light dependent resistor control
  • Ring modulation with different phase modes (Hyper)
  • Simple tremolo effect (Pulser)
  • System stability control allows for complete system functionality or complete deconstruction
  • Unit can become a full-on chaos synth with no need for input when engaging the Disconnect function
  • Unit comes with custom spotlight attachment for waveshaping LDR use
  • Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 2"
  • Power Specs: 9V DC center negative (PSU not included)
  • Reverse polarity circuit protection
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