IndustrialectricIncinerator Dual Channel Fuzz (Rust)

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Industrialectric Incinerator

The Industrialectric Incinerator is a chaotic fuzz with character all its own. Based around special rare silicon transistors, the Incinerator features sounds from smooth to gross, from blown speaker sounds and chaotic oscillations to simple overdrive or boost, the Incinerator is a world of sound as varied as its Industrialectric bretheren.

With 26 total transistors, the Incinerator is a perfect fuzz for anyone looking for a huge range of tones from smooth to harsh.

Incinerator Features

  • Dual channel fuzz based on rare silicon transistors
  • 26 transistors in total!
  • Independent output level for each channel
  • Channel 2 features two modes for expanded oscillation madness
  • Dual switchable chaos oscillators for sonic mayhem
  • Oscillator range switches for broader range of sounds
  • PNP/NPN switch for changing transistor type
  • Everything from smooth overdrive to intense, chaotic sputters
  • standard pedal power: 9VDC center negative, not included
Product Demo Videos
Tempest Bass Incinerated By Industrialectric
In this video you are hearing the drums from the Dave Smith Tempest Direct and the bass sound through the Industrialectric Incinerator. The Incinerator is a dual distortion/fuzz with different modes, power starve, and self oscillation.
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