IndustrialectricGenerator 7446 Fuzz (Rust)


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Industrialectric Generator 7446

The Generator 7446 is the mad offspring of the 4046-M and Squarewave Generator pedals, bringing to life a new generation of audio destruction from Industrialectric. It can be used for harsh square wave tremolo, wild gated and filtered fuzz, otherworldly ring mod with three selectable wave phases, and phase-locked loop synthesis. Controls include volume, signal strength, expanse, and scope, which allow for fine tuning of the distortion tone and modulation. Footswitches are available for controlling bypass and the wave modes which are indicated with large LEDs. There are toggle switches for wave phase, interact, and pulser modes. The interact control allows for use with the onboard light-dependent resistor for sweeping modulation with the wave of a hand, foot, or light source. It also includes a control input for use with external expression pedals. Get wild and expressive with this chaotic source of sonic decimation from Industrialectric.

Generator 7446 Features

  • Complex and wild fuzz/distortion pedal
  • Ring mod with three wave phases
  • Onboard light dependent resistor with on/off control
  • Pulser square wave tremolo
  • Bypass footswitch
  • External expression pedal control
  • 7x7x2"
  • 9v DC with reverse polarity protection (not included)
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