HypersynthHcard-750 Roland D-50 Memory Expansion

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Hypersynth Hcard-750

The Hcard-750 from Hypersynth is an exceptional solution to expanding your Roland D-50's patch memory. The Hcard-750 serves as a replacement and upgrade to the discontinued M-256 data card. The Hcard-750, however, improves upon its predecessor's functionality by expanding the D-50's 64 factory presets to a whopping 4096! The memory card uses push buttons on the front for easy navigation and no longer relies on battery power for its memory storage, exponentially increasing the Hcard-750's shelf life in comparison to its predecessor. Note: Roland D-550, D-70, JD-800, JD-990, and JV-series are not compatible with this card.

Hcard-750 Features

  • 4096 preset storage card for the Roland D-50
  • LED display for easy navigation
  • Navigation buttons on the front of the card for easy access to preset banks
  • Drop in replacement for factory expansion cards
  • Expansion Card
  • Multi-Pin connection
  • Drop in replacement for factory expansion cards
Hypersynth Hcard-750 Roland D-50 Memory Expansion Reviews