Hungry RobotThe Collective Fuzz Pedal


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Hungry Robot The Collective

Combining rich and heavy controls to make anything from crunchy to face-melting timbres, The Collective by Hungry Robot is a dual fuzz pedal layering octaves, feedback, and gnarly velcro fuzz for the ultimate ripping sound. Centered around three controls, The Collective blends a traditional analog sustained fuzz via the Conventional control, a more synthesized gated fuzz via the Synthetic control, and the clean signal with Pristine. Once you have the perfect blend of these three elements, you can tonally shape the low and high spectrums of both fuzzes via the respective side-sitting controls, going from scratchy to speaker-obliteration.

Further sound shaping can take place with the Submerge control adding in a powerful suboctave as well as with the Overload control for feeding the effect back into itself. These two add spectral depth and even self-oscillation for screaming tones and grounded sonic destruction. Both Overload and Submerge have their very own momentary footswitches that can either bring in or out the effect, all of which is dependent on the middle toggle positions. Whether you use it for a single sound or are trying to maximize your fuzz palette, The Collective packs in loads of parameters to define a premium sounding distortion.

The Collective Features

  • Dual fuzz pedal
  • Divided into "conventional" and "synthetic" fuzz types, each with level control
  • High and Low Spectrum controls to boost EQ on either side
  • Pristine control for blending clean signal back in
  • Blendable suboctave via the Submerge control
  • Feedback control up to self-oscillation via the Overload control
  • Overload and Submerge foot switches being either momentary on or off (determined by center toggles)
  • Dimensions: 5.7" x 4.7"
  • Power Specs: 9V DC center-negative, 97mA draw (PSU not included)
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