Hungry RobotThe Moby Dick V2 Delay Pedal


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Hungry Robot The Moby Dick V2 Delay Pedal

The Moby Dick V2 from Hungry Robot is a digital delay pedal that harkens back to the days of crude analog tape experimentation. At less aggressive settings it can create very warm, organic-sounding slapback and fluttering tape effects, all synced to a dedicated tap tempo footswitch if desired. However, V2 expands upon the subtle saturation and chorusing features of the original Moby Dick pedal with a dedicated Lo-Fi knob for adding gritty overdrive, and with extended Modulation control to achieve extreme pitch-bending effects.

Moby Dick V2 Features

  • Digital tape emulation delay
  • Smaller enclosure size
  • Tap tempo and bypass footswitches
  • Dry/wet Mix control
  • Lofi (saturation) control
  • Large repeat amount knob
  • Modulation amount control
  • Delay time knob
  • Maximum delay time: 1000 ms
  • Power: standard 9VDC center-negative 2.1mm barrel supply
  • Enclosure dimensions: 4.7” x 2.6” x 1.5”
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