Hungry RobotEl Castillo Arpeggiating Reverb Pedal


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Hungry Robot El Castillo Arpeggiating Reverb Pedal

Hungry Robot's El Castillo is an experimental reverb that brings ambient effects to completely new territory. Utilizing three basic effect function blocks, it creates novel effects based in reverb, pitch shifting, and delay-based techniques. By placing the pitch shift and delay functions within the reverb's feedback loop, arpeggio-like cascading pitch-shifted delays form a wash of sound that trails after its sonic source. For everything from shimmer to clustered reverb clouds and stair-stepped delay trails, El Castillo bends time for novel effect.

El Castillo Features

  • Arpeggiating reverb for peculiar ambient effects
  • Level control for wet signal level
  • Regen control alters amount of signal sent to feedback loop, which as a result increases the number of arpeggiations that follow the sound
  • Pitch knob controls pitch shift amount for each repeat
  • Stretch knob controls delay time (amount of time between pitch shift "stair steps")
  • Mode siwtch for quantized or unquantized pitch shifting
  • Un-quantized mode allows for any pitch shift interval from -1 octave to +1 octave
  • Quantized mode locks pitch shift to -1 and +1 octave, crossfadable using pitch control
  • Standard pedal power: 9VDC, center negative
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