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Humble Audio Quad Operator FM Oscillator Bank

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Humble Audio Quad Operator

The Humble Audio Quad Operator, is a four operator FM synthesis voice, seemingly with eyes toward the Yamaha DX-1000 for inspiration. The module includes a one-knob-per-function design to add a more exploratory nature to an infamously woggly synthesis architecture. It substitutes the concept of a traditional "FM algorithm" with a full FM matrix, by which any modulation routing can be created.

The Quad Operator can also be coupled with the Algo expander module, which provides save and recall as well as a cross-fading capability that unlocks morphing patches and sounds! Each operator also has independent tuning and patchability, giving the user the option to use Quad Operator as an oscillator bank. Additionally, the module includes a section for FM at audio rate, meaning that you can use any other voice from your modular system as a modulation source, or you can plug one of your operators back into itself for feedbacking fantasia!

Quad Operator Features

  • One Knob Per Function Design
  • Any FM algorithm possible via the modulation matrix
  • Virtual VCA per operator
  • Independent Output per operator
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 30hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 140mA @ +12V, 13mA @ -12V
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