Heritage AudioMCM-8 II 500 Series Chassis + Summing Mixer


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Heritage Audio MCM-8 II

The MCM-8 II from Heritage Audio is a flexible 500 series enclosure with a built-in summing mixer, capable of housing eight modules and providing I/O via XLR and DB25. Like the other 500 racks built by Heritage Audio, this case utilizes their proprietary On-Slot Technology, which puts in module's power connection and regulation in isolation from all the others, so that although they are all sharing a case, potential for noise and other issues is reduced to a minimum. In addition to offering individual I/O per module, the MCM-8 II features a dedicated summing mixer, allowing for capturing sub-mixes with full control over level and panning. Each slot may be optionally muted from the summing mixer while maintaining individual outputs, and bold analog VU meters make monitoring visually clear. An attenuation knob controls the output level of the full mix, with unity gain at the top, -20dB at noon, and silence all the way down. Offering great convenience and flexibility for your 500 series preamps and more, the MCM-8 II is a worthy addition to any studio.

MCM-8 II Features

  • Eight slot 500 series rack with built in summing mixer
  • XLR and DB25 outputs for all channels prior to mixing section
  • Gain and Pan controls per channel
  • Mute switch for removing channels from the mix
  • Auxiliary unity-gain inputs for chaining submixes into the MCM-8 II
  • Power capacity: 1.6A per rail, or 400mA per slot
  • Phantom power current: 140mA
  • Operates at 100-240VAC
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