Heritage AudioMCM-20.4 20-Channel Summing Mixer


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Heritage Audio MCM-20.4

Heritage Audio's MCM-20.4 is a modern analogue summing mixer that's ready for integration with any existing combination of analogue and digital recording equipment. There are two main groups of eight channels each, and on every channel you will find controls for level, panning, and aux send levels. Each channel can be muted, and can toggle between utilizing sends 1/2 or 3, which is a stereo aux send. In addition to these 16 channels, there are also four additional input channels, ideal for patching in submixes from another mixer. The summing bus utilizes one of Heritage Audio's renowned 1073-style preamps, utilizing Class A circuitry and transformers on the inputs and outputs, and providing plenty of gain to boost everything up after dialing in levels. As a centralized hub for routing and summing audio from hardware and/or a DAW, the MCM-20.4 by Heritage Audio strikes the magic balance of ease of use with quality audio output.

MCM-20.4 Features

  • 16 channel summing mixer, with 4 submix inputs and 4 aux send channels
  • Gain, Pan, and Send levels available on all input channels
  • Sends are optionally pre or post fader
  • Fully utilizes DB25 connectors, with the exception of the main I/O for the summing bus
  • Analog VU meters
  • Analog Inputs: DB25 connections for inputs and inserts 1-8 and 9-16, subgroups 1-4 and 4 aux inputs, 2x XLR for Master Inserts
  • Input Impedance: >20kOhms
  • Analog Outputs: DB25 connections for insert sends 1-8 and 9-16, and subgroups 1-4 and 4 aux sends, XLR Master inserts send and Mix and Monitor Outputs
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