HEDDType 05 MK2 Studio Monitor

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HEDD Type 05 MK2

The HEDD Type 05 Mk2 is a two-way nearfield studio monitor that packs power and precision into its compact form. The two-way design brings together a 5" honeycomb composite woofer and HEDD's Air Motion Transformer tweeter that works in conjunction with an accurate response from 44Hz–40kHz.

One of the things that makes the Type 05 Mk2 a force to be reckoned with is the Lineariser, a phase linearization tool that delivers incredibly detailed spatial reproduction and impulse response. The high and low shelving filters offer +/-4dB of boost or cut. Optimize the Type 05 for placement on a desk with a parametric desk EQ for small, medium, or large consoles. Select the low-frequency response with the LF switch for standard, 20% extension with a slight volume drop, or add an 80Hz Linkwitz-Riley filter for use with a subwoofer. Connect to the monitor with either an analog XLR or digital AES XLR with a through XLR connection.

HEDD's Mk2 line of monitors marks a major achievement in monitoring, each providing a captivating sonic experience.

Type 05 MK2 Features

  • Two-way nearfield studio monitor
  • Linearizer phase linearization tool ensures detailed spatial reproduction
  • 32-bit/96kHz AD/DA conversion
  • 5" honeycomb woofer
  • HEDD AMT tweeter
  • Desk EQ for placement
  • Low-frequency response control
  • High and low shelving filters
  • Analog XLR or digital AES XLR inputs
  • Closed or ported reflex port
    • Frequency response: 45Hz-40kHz
    • Woofer: 5" Honeycomb
    • Tweeter: AMT
    • Crossover frequency:2.5kHz
    • Inputs: Analog XLR, Digital AES XLR (includes AES through)
    • AD/DA conversion: 32-bit/96kHz
    • Max SPL: 112dB
    • 308 x 180 x 245mm/12 x 7 x 9.6"
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