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Industrial Music ElectronicsZorlon Cannon mk2 Dual LFSR Battery

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Industrial Music Electronics Zorlon Cannon mk2

The Zorlon Cannon mk2 is the id of The Harvestman/Industrial Music Electronics digital synthesizer voice. It is an LFSR battery that specializes in the generation of random gates, digital noise, and pitched tones. The sonic configuration of each channel is editable via bar graph display and corresponding rotary encoder. The former feature provides a convenient means of visualizing and editing each channel’s shift register configuration.

Each channel features a dedicated mixer that combines the four channels into one for the creation of drones, cv sequences, or specific timbres of digital noise. Since each section contains its own clock, they can operate independently at different ranges. Further random fluctuations can be induced by sending gate signals to the Seed input to disrupt the current LFSR configuration.

Zorlon plays very nicely with the Tyme Sefari mk2, as its random gates can be used to engender extreme sonic deviancy by initializing processes that corrupt the latter’s audio buffer even more extensively.

Zorlon Cannon mk2 Features

  • Two independent clocks each driving 4 outputs.
  • Top section is optimized for gates, bottom section is for audio tones.
  • Internal clock generators have three frequency ranges and 1v/oct tracking.
  • For cleanest audio and synchronized gates, an external clock input is provided.
  • External clock input features optional PWM (sensitivity to both rising and falling edges).
  • 4-channel attenuverting mixer mixes outputs to one bipolar signal, with center detents.
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 15HP
  • Skiff Friendly
  • Current Draw: +130mA @ +12V
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