Industrial Music ElectronicsA Sound of Thunder Expander

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Industrial Music Electronics A Sound of Thunder

Move over Bradburry, there’s a new tyrannosaurus in town. A Sound of Thunder is the official expansion module for the Industrial Music Electronics (fka The Harvestman) Tyme Sefari mk2. It connects to the back of the module via jumper cable and contains a bank of manual switch and corresponding 5V gate controls that open the functionality of the TS to entirely new horizons of sonic deviance. As such, it works particularly well alongside the Zorlon Cannon mk2. Together, the three modules form an unholy trinity that’s as thoroughly corrupted as it is fun.

Audio format Control

The top two switches manipulate the format of the audio recorded to the module's internal memory. There are a total of four possible configurations, each of which is illustrated on the module's faceplate: 16-bit linear (default), 12-bit linear, 12-bit logarithmic, and 8-bit linear. The latter two modes consume less memory and therefore double the module's overall recording time, with the 8-bit mode channeling the cantankerous proclivities of the Tyme Sefari mk1. These recording formats can be used to confuse the Tyme Sefari in regards to the stored data format, which can lead to cacophony of all shapes and sizes, including noises that are useful in musical and non-musical contexts.

Pitch Shift Mode

Why so glitchy? Seriously, this vulgar pitch shift effect is exactly what one would expect from the maker of the Malgorithm... and then some. The switch displaces the speed of the playback head, causing it to disassociate from the record head. This process can be manipulated via the frequency knob and corresponding CV input for malefic glitch effects and other horrendous amalgamations.

Stereo Mode

This switch activates ASoT's input, output, and attenuator for stereo operation. This forces the tranport to gobble up twice as much memory, sending it into overtime. This can be used to accelerate the tempo of a mono signal. Alternatively, operating the summed modules in stereo mode enables the feedback loop of the host module to act as a summed mono signal.

Circuit Bending

The bottom four switches are ideal for influencing instability and strange corrosions. Each of these switches alter the module's sample data and address busses and are dependent on the characteristics of the incoming audio, loop settings, and sample rate. Sending gates to these switches in tandem with live audio and feedback will produce an abundance of esoteric sounds in line with those produced by circuit bent keyboards.

A Sound of Thunder Features

  • Greatly expands the controls of the Tyme Sefari
  • Additional In and Out for Stereo Application
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 8HP
  • Skiff Friendly
  • Current Draw: +5 @ 12V
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