GrayscalePermutation Random Sequencer 18HP (Black)

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Grayscale Permutation 18HP (Black)

Grayscale's Permutation 18HP is a beast of a sequencer/random source based on Tom Whitwell's Turing Machine. A shift register-based random sequencer, the Permutation is a powerful source of gates, sequences, random voltages, super glitchy audio, and general chaos. Built around the ability to generate and capture random sequences, the Permutation is and excellent source of inspiration and a chaos all rolled into one super powerful module.

Permutation 18HP offers individual gate outputs for each position in the register, dedicated switches for all relevant controls, CV inputs and offset knobs for every relevant control, a dedicated noise output, and far more: all the features of the Turing Machine brought to the surface and expanded into new territory.

Permutation 18HP Features

  • Shift register-based random sequencer based on Music Thing Modular's Turing Machine
  • Dedicated controls and CV inputs for Shift, Bits, and Level (internal bipolar VCA!)
  • Individual gate outputs for each register position (16 in total)
  • Dedicated Sequence and Inverted Sequence outputs
  • Dedicated white noise and clock outputs
  • Dedicated switches for Pause, Clock, Clear, and Write
  • Dedicated CV Inputs for Clear and Write
  • Genome LED gar graph display for visual feedback
  • Compatible with Grayscale's Variant for additional voltage generation
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: Skiff-friendly
  • Current draw: 48mA @ +12V / 14mA @ -12V
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