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GrayscalePermutation Random Sequencer 18HP (Aluminum)


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Grayscale Permutation 18HP (Aluminum)

Grayscale's Permutation series is a set of pseudorandom sequencers based on Tom Whitwell's infamous Turing Machine. Using digital shift registers to generate random gate and CV patterns, the Turing Machine and Permutation are unique in that they allow users to "lock" patterns, turning randomness into a repeated musical pattern.

Permutation maintains all of the Turing Machine's core functionality while adding dedicated outputs for each bit of the shift register and CV inputs for each parameter. Perfect for glitched-out audio, digital noise, random sequencing, sporadic gate generation and more, the Permutation 18HP is perhaps one of the most powerful variants of the Turing Machine yet created.

Permutation 18HP Features

  • Random sequencer based on Music Thing Modular's Turing Machine
  • Maintains all core functionality of the Turing Machine
  • 16 individual gate outputs for each of the shift register's bits
  • Internal bipolar VCA
  • Genome LED register for visual feedback
  • Dedicated buttons for pause, clock, clear, and write functions
  • Dedicated clear/write CV inputs
  • Inverted sequence out
  • Dedicated White Noise output
  • Dedicated Clock output
  • Compatible with Grayscale's Variant for additional voltage generation
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: Skiff-friendly
  • Current draw: 48mA @ +12V / 14mA @ -12V
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