GFISynesthesia Multieffect Pedal (White)


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GFI Synesthesia

Sporting a fresh and pristine look, the GFI Synesthesia is a dual multi-effects pedal for those looking to develop unique and complex timbres from their instrument. The redesigned white paneling lends itself as a blank slate to both effects paths, able to run DSP algorithms at the same time with the ability to route your audio in cascade, mixture, or stereo split. Blend between a wide variety of 38 modulation algorithms such as tremelo, phaser, chorus, and more, and easily swap the order of effects for complex performances with the simplicity of pressing a single button.

Excelling at introducing movement and automation throughout each effect, the Synesthesia can apply loads of internal modulation routings as well as accept external ones, including aux switches, expression pedal, and even control voltage! Save up to 32 presets onboard with 22 coming pre-installed, and preset management as well as library and firmware updates are handled with ease through GFI's SymmLab software. Design your patches with pre-defined controls with flexible multi-functionality, and the bank LEDs as well as a solidly bright alpha-numeric screen makes navigating and saving parameters a cinch. Full of tricks and surprises, the Synesthesia delivers on all fronts—bringing robust modulation and advanced DSP processing to your fingertips.

Synesthesia Features

  • Dual DSP engine
  • 38 integrated algorithms including amplitude, filtering, chorusing, and more
  • Clear display shows effects information
  • Effects can be routed as a cascade, mixture, or stereo split
  • Change effects order with the press of a button
  • Each knob has two functions
  • Internal modulation options including random and LFOs
  • AUX switch, expression pedal, and CV inputs
  • Up to 32 presets
  • Dimensions:
    • 12 x 12 x 5.5 cm (LxWxH)
    • 9VDC, 240mA center-negative (PSU not included)
GFI Synesthesia Multieffect Pedal (White) Reviews