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Genus Modu LIBB Low Impedance Bus Board

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Genus Modu LIBB

LIBB from Genus Modu was created to be the quietest power solution for the Eurorack synthesizer format. Taking inspiration from the apporaches used in the designs of high power computer server devices, Low Impedance Bus Board significantly lowers both couple noise from the modules and power supply noise, which is not only very important for high quality audio but is crucial for video synthesis.

LIBB Features

  • Reduces audio noise up to 48 KHz
  • Reduces video noise from low KHz to 10+ MHz
  • Quiet operation with high gain circuits
  • Passive Bus Board
  • CV trace isolation from Gate, board only: better than -100 dB
  • CV trace isolation from +5V Power, board only: less than 100 microvolts of noise on CV from 100 mV of noise on adjacent +5V power
  • Total of 16 headers
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