Genus ModuLIBB B0 Passive Bus Board


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Genus Modu LIBB B0

The Genus Modu Low Impedance Bus Board or LIBB B0 is an ultra low-noise passive busboard for Eurorack, perfect for high-quality recording and video synthesis. Based on the same principles as high power computer server products, the LIBB provides low impedance, both resistance and inductance, and effective capacitance. This results in low noise coupling across modules and significantly reduces power supply noise. While most passive busboards use one-ounce copper and two layer PCBs, LIBB B0 uses six layers of two-ounce copper and provides individual power planes. This bus board provides next-level power filtering and helps keep the noise in your system to a minimum.

LIBB B0 Features

  • Low-noise passive busboard
  • 16 shrouded 16-pin Eurorack power headers
  • Skiff friendly
  • Perfect for video or other modules that require low-noise power
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