Genus ModuEHA Eurorack Header Adapter


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Genus Modu EHA

Genus Modu's Eurorack Header Adapter is a companion unit for the LIBB (Low Impedance Bus Board) that bridges it with various power modules (uZeus and 4ms Row Power, for instance) in place of conventional flying bus board cable. It comes in the form of a kit which consists of two small adapter boards and a heavy 14 AWG wire for connecting 16 pin eurorack power headers to the LIBB or other bus boards.

EHA Features

  • Quiet peformance
  • Works with all of the popular power modules
  • Makes it easy to connect the LIBB to most popular Eurorack PSU modules
  • EHA-S (Short): +12V, -12V, +5V path resistance - less than 3 milliohm, ground path resistance - less than 2 milliohm
  • EHA-L (Long): +12V, -12V, +5V path resistance - less than 4 milliohm, ground path resistance, less than 2.5 milliohm
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