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FolkTek Matter Drum Wave Synthesizer Copper Faceplate

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Folktek Matter

The Folktek Matter brings all the power of drum wave synthesis to the realm of Eurorack modular synthesis. It can be configured to play as waves or produce triggerable drum sounds. For example, users can utilize a kick-oriented oscillator for basslines, a snare for noisescapes and resonant madness, and much more. The result is a maddeningly diverse array of possible sounds with assorted trigger points. 

Far from being a one trick pony, Matter also excels at intricate drones and synth textures. It boasts the same analog synth configuration as Materia, meaning it works along the lines of deductive synthesis. 

Matter implements an onboard patch system, found in many of Folktek’s other modules, that operates in tandem with custom patch cables. This allows for a plethora of self-contained functionality in a compact space. Future implementations are planned to make the patchbays even more expansive. In the case of Matter, there are two patchbays: 1-10 and 11-20, that grant access to various access points within the module’s circuitry. Users can route CV and gate signals into the inputs to achieve an array of functions. 

Matter Features

  • Because the inputs are jumperable, they can also be used in a variety of different ways other than direct cv triggering
  • Sound can be sent in to a few points on the Matter circuitry where it uses some of the pathways of filtration, overload and distortion
  • External audio or cv signals can be jumpered through the modulation

Aside from the primary synthesis, Matter also has vactrol-based sine modulation which can be used in a number of ways;

  • External audio can be patched into "mod trig cv" which sends the audio through the vactrol modulation. That audio can then be jumpered into the circuitry where it will be filtered, distorted or effected in any number of ways. Or, for a clean modulation the audio can be jumpered to another jack and output
  • Matter audio output can be sent through the modulation and jumpered to a new jack
  • External cv can be patched to the "mod trig cv" jack and jumpered to the main patchbay to have a modulated cv signal activating the synthesis. Or likewise, the cv signal can be jumpered to a jack to simply pass through the vactrol modulation
  • Mod cv out outputs the modulation control voltage independant of the vactrol
  • Modulation has speed control dial, cv speed (vactrol), input ("mod trig cv" vactrol) and cv out
  • Volume control and mono output
  • +12 = xma
  • -12v = 0
  • 5v = 0
  • 23HP
  • 1" depth
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