FocusriteScarlett Solo 3rd Gen Audio Interface

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Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen

Building your first home recording setup can be daunting—picking out the best DAW, mic, and interface involves weighing a lot of pros and cons. Luckily, Focusrite has taken the guesswork out of part of this process with the Scarlett Solo—perhaps the best audio interface in its price range, perfect for recording voice, guitar, or any other mono sound sources. Whether you're a podcaster, a singer-songwriter recording vocals and guitar, or an electronic musician looking for a rugged yet portable touring interface, the Scarlett Solo has everything you need to achieve studio-quality sound on a budget.

Building off of the legacy of their past Scarlett series interfaces, the Scarlett Solo is Focusrite's most compact interface offering to date—a no-nonsense package designed specifically to allow you to record a mic and single instrument simultaneously. Scarlett Solo features two simultaneous inputs—one XLR microphone input and one 1/4" line/instrument input—each of which feature high-quality preamps guaranteed to cleanly capture the sound of whatever you plug into them. Each channel offers a dedicated gain control with built-in level monitoring, making it a breeze to set signal levels regardless your mic or instrument. The mic input offers plenty of gain for use with dynamic mics (a Shure SM7B, perhaps?), and features a switchable phantom power supply for condenser mics. Best of all, the switchable "Air" feature adds high-end glisten and sparkle to your sound, ensuring that your voice or acoustic instruments are crisp and present in your mix.

Scarlett Solo is easy to set up—simply plug into your device via USB and you're ready to start recording. The built-in monitor control makes it easy to adjust your level for both headphones and your main outputs. The direct monitor option allows you to hear both your direct inputs and your computer's output simultaneously, perfect for tracking situations where latency needs to be kept to a minimum.

And perhaps best of all, Scarlett Solo comes with all of the software you need to get started making music. With a license for Avid Pro Tools First, Ableton Live Lite, a three month Splice subscription, and plugins from XLN Audio, Softube, and Focusrite, all you need to do is add a mic and some headphones/monitors—you'll be tracking in no time. So if you need a studio-quality interface to start your own recording setup, or if you simply need a rugged, trustworthy small interface for the road, Focusrite's Scarlett solo is one of the best in the game. Perfect for vocals, guitar, electronic instruments, or virtually anything else you can throw at it, Scarlett Solo is an astonishing value.

Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen Features

  • Compact, affordable 2-in, 2-out USB audio interface
  • Great for voice, guitar, other instruments, and more
  • One Scarlett 3rd Gen preamp enabled input with switchable "Air" technology
  • One balanced line/Hi-Z instrument input, great for use with guitar and more
  • LED signal meter rings for easy visualization of your levels
  • Two balanced outputs for use with studio monitors
  • Dedicated headphone output
  • Record and mix in up to 24-bit/192kHz—studio-quality sound
  • USB bus-powered
  • Includes software bundle with Avid Pro Tools First, Ableton Live Lite, and more
  • Includes three-month subscription to Splice
  • USB Connection
  • Audio Inputs: One Scarlett 3rd Gen preamp enabled input, and one balanced line input
  • Audio Outputs: Two balanced monitor outputs
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