FocusriteScarlett 8i6 Mk3 Audio Interface


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Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 Mk3

The Scarlett 8i6 Mk3 from Focusrite is a robust and powerful audio interface that is perfect for the musician who wants to track on tour, or someone who has a lot of hardware, but not a huge amount of microphone dependent recoding concerns. One of the smartest additions to the 8i6 Mk3 is its implementation of a switchable air mode that occurs on the interface's preamps. Air adds a level of brightness and openness to your recordings that allows them to sit more presently in your mix. The interface features two XLR-1/4" inputs and six balanced line inputs for the connection of even more gear! Additionally, the interface features four balanced outputs, so that in addition to a clean monitoring signal, you can connect outboard gear as well. This makes the 8i6 great for medium sized studios and producers!

Scarlett 8i6 Mk3 Features

  • Two Scarlett Mk3 preamp enabled inputs with switchable "Air" technology
  • Six balanced line inputs
  • Four monitor outputs for multiple speaker pairs and outboard gear
  • Two Hi-Z inputs for high gain instruments such as electric guitar and bass
  • Record and mix at a fidelitiy of up to 24-bit/192kHz
  • USB Connection
  • Audio Inputs:Two Scalrett Mk3 preamp enabled inputs, and six balanced line inputs
  • Audio Outputs:Four balanced monitor outputs
  • MIDI In: 5-pin DIN
  • MIDI Out: 5-pin DIN
  • Recording quality of 24-bit/192kHz
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