Fairfield CircuitryHors D'oeuvre Active Feedback Pedal


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Fairfield Circuitry Hors D'oeuvre

Hors D'oeuvre from Fairfield Circuitry is an active feedback loop pedal that can add unpredictability into your effects chain. Feedback is found on many delay pedals and can set the amount of repeats within a delay line. Hors D'oeuvre creates a feedback loop by sending your audio through to external sources that can affect the sonic characteristics and feeding the signal back on itself. Create an underlying bed of chaos that sits under the mix for ambience and depth. Turning up the feed control adds more feedback into the loop, resulting in unpredictable tones and textures. Set the balance between the dry input signal and the wet feedback loop with the wet and dry knobs. The active feedback loop features JFET transistors which can add an additional layer of distortion to the loop. The polarity of the wet signal and the feedback path can be swapped, which can totally rearrange the behavior of the feedback loop. Explore the world of feedback loops with this pedal, it can get strange and yet there is a certain beauty that can be reigned in with careful control.

Hors D'oeuvre Features

  • Feedback loop pedal that add can add unruly sonic behavior to your effects chain
  • Polarity switches for feedback path and wet signal
  • Balance the dry audio and affected path with independent level controls
  • Bypass switch
  • Connect to external effects such as distortion, delay, and flanging for wild results
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.8 x 1.9 in
  • Power Specs: 9VDC (PSU Not Included)
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