Fairfield Circuitry~900 Four-Knob Fuzz Pedal


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Fairfield ~900 Four-Knob Fuzz Pedal

~900—About Nine Hundred—from Fairfield Circuitry is a versatile, vicious fuzz pedal in a compact form factor. Based on a similar fuzz circuit as the discontinued Four Eyes Fuzz, ~900 has two JFET gain stages that annihilate your signal in the best way, giving you access to astounding amounts of gain. Across just four knobs, you get a wide array of sounds from high-headroom clean, to thick walls of fuzz. Input is your first center of control and is a "mu-amp" design going into the first gain stage. Fuzz controls the level going into the second gain stage and is deeply dependent on the Input. Bias adjusts the second gain stage's saturation symmetry and can create interesting gating effects when turned up loud enough. Finally, the Volume knob controls the overall volume and has a lot of gain.

~900 Features

  • Fuzz pedal based on the Four Eyes Fuzz
  • 2 cascading JFET gain stages
  • 4 knobs: Input, Fuzz, Bias, Volume
  • Compact design
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 4.4 in
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center Negative PSU (not included)
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Product Demo Videos
Pedals We Love : Fairfield Circuitry's ~900 Four Knob Fuzz (on 808 Drum Machine & Strandberg Guitar)
On today's episode of Pedals We Love the Pals take a look at the Fairfield Circuitry ~900 Four Knob Fuzz, (that's pronounced "about nine-hundred")
Fairfield Circuitry ~900 Four-Knob Fuzz Pedal Reviews