Strange Science InstrumentsF1: Stereo Lowpass Filter


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Strange Science Instruments F1

F1, from Strange Science Instruments, is comprised of two transistor ladder filters to give users a full stereo spectrum, though each cane used independently for mono configurations as well. Users can activate the stereo link feature to configure the left channel controls (knobs and cv ins) such that they alter the state of both filters simultaneously. This gives users the ability to control each filter with a single knob movement or cv source. Conversely, deactivating stereo link causes both channels to function independently of one another.

The module’s Filter Order parameter switches between three filter “orders”, giving users access to a 12dB/octave slope, 18dB/octave slope, and 24dB/octave slope with self-oscillation. There’s also a Cut Offset knob that imparts an offset between the two filter cutoff frequencies. Positioning at 12 o’ clock matches the frequencies, while turning it counter-clockwise moves them away from one another. This parameter remains in effect regardless of whether Stereo Link is active or not, opening up the door to a slew of creative processing techniques.

F1 Features

  • Matched stereo filter with transistor ladder design
  • Stere Link mode allows for stereo sources or dual mono
  • Filter Order switch selects between 12/18/24 dB/octave filters
  • Cutoff Offset controls allow for stereo and/or formant effects
  • Simultaneous CV control of filter cutoff and resonance per channel
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 16HP
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current Draw: 70mA @ +12V, 65mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Strange Science Modules With Omiindustriies Shift Register
This Video uses the Strange Science Instruments M4 mixer to combine all of the sounds and as VCAs, with their F1 stereo filter being used as two filters for two synth lines. The F1 is two transistor ladder filters with saturating inputs and stereo and dual mono operation modes. We also used the Omiindustriies Dual Digital Shift Register for some sequencing and triggering in this patch.
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