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Ezhi & AkaTerverb LoFi Drone Reverb

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Ezhi & Aka Terverb

Ezhi & Aka's Terverb takes lofi reverb to astonishing new lows. In addition to long decay, Terverb also features drone and feedback capabilities, both of which promote an organic and cavernous reverb sound. The unit's three reverb bricks can be interrupted with vibrato/tremolo modulation to create devistating reverb trails.

Terverb Features

  • LoFi reverb pedal of diminishing proportions
  • Dedicated controls for LFO speed, Pitch Modulation Depth, and Brick Volume
  • Reverb Modulation Volume and Clean Volume level knobs
  • FSR pad for chaotic performances
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure
  • True Bypass
  • Standard 9V Pedal Power
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100% of 100
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