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Ezhi & Aka The Tape T Pedal

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Ezhi & Aka Tape T

The Tape T, from Ezhi & Aka, is an esoteric lo-fi generator that turns any input into a crackling and noisy signal that emulates a broken tape machine. It contains tremolo and vibrato circuits on top of this to provide a washed out and less predictable sound. Two particularly special settings are the "burning tape" setting and the "reverse tremolo." To break up the sound even more, a fuzz circuit is also added. There are 7 control knobs, 4 toggle switches, and a force sensing resistor for dialing in the perfect tone.

Tape T Features

  • Broken tape deck emulator
  • Filters, adds noise, clicks
  • Vibrato and Tremolo
  • 7 Knobs, 4 toggle switches
  • "Burning tape" effect
  • "Reverse tremolo" available
  • Fuzz effect
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure
  • True Bypass
  • Standard 9V Pedal Power
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